Every morning I always listen to “Goodtimes with Mo” a radio program in Magic 89.9 hosted by Dj Mo, Grace Lee and Mojo. As usual, different topics discussed and callers gave their opinions. But what interest me  most was the topic brought up by Dj Mo. It’s about making a “letter to my 16 years old self”. Like I said, it was interesting and I want to give it a try. This is not a letter but the content and the things I like to say goes something like this:

I want to tell to my 16 years old self that to become successful in life you need to study harder in able to study in a good school eventhough it’s expensive, it’s not impossible for you to get in because you study hard and you get some scholarship. Because of that, you have a greater chance of getting a good job which you love and enjoy. You need to boost your self-confidence, don’t be ashame and be proud of yourself. It will be a big help to you when time comes that you need to socialize to other people because of your work. Be conscious to your health. Try to lose some weight, make yourself beautiful and stop acting like a kid. Always smile, be approachable and be kind to others so that you will not be taking for granted, especially the boys. Singing is your forte, take care of this God given talent. Use it in a good way. Try to join some singing contest and other activities because I know that you can do it. It will be your first step in your dream to become a singer. Lastly, always put God first in all your decisions and in your life and love your family.

This are the content of my letter, maybe when I did all of this when I’m 16 it brings a much better of  me today. But this is my destiny only God knows what’s best for me.