Back to School ‘09

May 31, 2009

The long summer vacation is over. Beginning June 1, 2009, classes will resume. Does the students already prepared in going back to school? Or they feel that the vacation was too short? Whether they like it or not, next week is the opening of classes. Some kids completed their things ahead of time but other students only buy their school supplies when the date of classes is already near. They are expecting that the date will be move because of the A-H1N1 virus but the Department of Education confirmed that it’s final. All of the schools are doing their job to protect the students from the said virus. Cleaning of rooms, places and environment are the main factor. They must also practice some safety measure to avoid the spread of virus. The schools must prepare masks in case that there’s already a victim of this virus. The number of people having this H1N1 is rising here in the Philippines. Department of Health said that they’re doing their best to stop the spreading of it. They also said that in able to avoid it we need to make our resistance strong by taking vitamins, regular exercise, eating nutritious foods and proper hygiene. Anyways, students must prepare in going back to school again. I can say that the first week of school is very hard. There’s a lot of adjustment going on. Especially on first day, you will encounter new faces, new rooms, new teachers and new lessons. But I think it will only take for a week, on the other week you’re adjusted already. Just take a deep breath when you walk through the door (I got this line on Taylor Swift’s song “Fifteen” lol) of your new classroom. Relax and be confident! Good luck to all the students!