“I wanna be a billionaire so freaking bad, buy all of the things I never had”

Sounds familiar right? It was from the song “Billionaire” by Travis Macoy. Everytime I hear this song, I just realized that YES! I want to be a billionaire, who in this world don’t want to be on that position. Of course all of us want to have lots of money and able to buy the things we want. Sometimes I just sit down and think why I wasn’t born rich like the other kids. They can buy all the stuff they want and go wherever they want to go. They don’t need to work hard to earn money, but the people like me are working hard just to make a living and if there’s an extra that’s the only time I can buy the things I want. Do you think life is so unfair?

They said that there’s a good and bad side if you’re born rich. The good side is you can buy all the things you want. The bad side is you’re being too dependent. Honestly working hard to earn money feels good. It was your reward for being a hardworker and it was amazing if you spent your money with your own sweat and tears than asking for your parents. But in case that i’ll become a billionaire i’d rather spent this money to help charities and help the people who are in need. Money is just a material thing and you can’t bring them when the time come that you’ll be leaving this world.