Been busy…

January 23, 2010

I haven’t updated my blog this past few days because of overtime at work. For almost 3 weeks of going home late and spending 12 hours in the office, I have no time to do some other things. I was able to open my laptop just every Saturday and Sunday only. But I promise and will make sure that on February my blog will be active again and post interesting news.

Drained and Exhausted

December 5, 2009

Doing overtime from work is not easy. Yes, you will earn double or triple of your salary in almost every day overtime but do you think it will paid off? Drained and exhausted, that’s what I experienced this week because of consecutive days of overtime. It’s started on Monday, actually it was announced as legal holiday but yet we went to work for overtime, what’s worst was we extended another 3 hours and it made my head ache. Tuesday, our regular time is 6am – 2pm, because there’s an overtime we got off from work at 6pm which means we did 4 hours of overtime. Wednesday, another 4 hours extension, we’re having a hard time going home at 6pm because it’s a rush hour. Thursday, overtime again, our allocated allowance for one day was doubled and it was a problem in our part, our budget became short this week. Friday, I thought we’re save from an overtime but the supervisor of the other group borrowed us to do their project and it pissed me off because we really tried to finish our project early so that we can go home at 2pm but it was useless. Because of lack of rest and sleep I decided not to go from work the next day to regain my energy for the next working days.