Here Comes the Rainy Days!

June 6, 2010

For almost 4 months of experiencing a humid and hot climate caused by El Nino finally it comes to an end. This past few days it’s always raining and they said that it’s the start of La Nina. That’s good to the people who’s complaining for the hot weather because it will bring cold temperature when it rains. But when the rain comes consecutively and become a typhoon, some places will be flooded and it’s hard to do the things that you want to do when it’s raining. Another thing is that, June will be the start of classes and students will be having a hard time going to school when it rains. If the very hot weather brings illness to the people, there are also some sickness brought by the rainy season. There are colds, flu, cough etc., so that means any time of the day, any climate change we must be prepare and make sure that we’re protected by taking some vitamins. I can finally say that rainy season is here.

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