Philippines, Get Ready for the R&B Royalties

May 16, 2010

Yes it’s confirmed! The two famous R&B singers will be having a concert in the Philippines. Chris Brown for the second time around will hit the Philippines concert stage on July 31, 2010 at Mall of Asia Concert Grounds, his first concert was with Rihanna but now he will be performing solo and will prove that even though there’s a lot of controversies going on with his life he still manage to release amazing and chart topper songs. Usher’s concert will be on July 9, 2010 at Mall of Asia concert grounds also. One of the great performers and treasured artist in the music scene.

Two artists that i’m longing to watch for. Concerts that the Filipino fans will be waiting for. I’m sure this will be awesome, knowing that these two artists can do the singing and dancing with their hit songs. Fans, start memorizing their songs and groove to their music, start to save money to have a good seat and witness how great this people in their craft. Mark your calendars now and watch the concerts on July 9 – Usher and July 31 – Chris Brown at Mall of Asia. See you there!

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