Paramore Concert in Manila

March 11, 2010

After a long wait for this band to have a concert here in the Philippines, Paramore did a one night concert last March 9, 2010 at around 8:30 pm in Mall of Asia Concert Grounds. Fans were gathered at the venue ahead of the said concert time to find a good place and much better view. Teens, teens at heart and everyone who loves the music of Paramore were there to witness this once in a lifetime concert and jam packed performance of the band.

Before the Paramore hit the stage, Calla Lily performed first. They served as a front act for the concert. I must say that they’re good and they did a great job. They sang they’re popular songs like Stars, Susundan and people love to sing along with them.

And then it was Paramore. Hayley Williams wore a Nike Blazer, Leopard Pants and a Thrilla in Manila Shirt. She really rocks that night and I’m amazed on how good this girl on stage. Paramore sang 10 or 13 songs I’m not sure the exact number and all of it were their hit songs. Hayley was so happy especially when the crowd were singing along with her.

The concert was awesome, although it just took only one and a half hour, such a short time but I got to say that it was a strong hour, never a low power. Hayley gave an equal energy in each of every song. This girl got a lung power behind her small and petite body. She’s all over the stage, jumping, running, bumping, screaming and still gave a same level of energy in every performance.

Some of their songs that they performed on the concert were That’s what you get, Ignorance, Decode, Only Exception and the last song was Brick by Boring Brick. I watched the concert by myself and even though I was alone I really enjoyed it. No disappointment at all and it was one of my experiences that I’ll never forget. The concert was a huge success and Paramore concert was one of the best concerts I’ve ever watched.

Click here for more photos…

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