At Last! My New Laptop

December 5, 2009


After having a hard time choosing between Dell and Compaq, I already made up my mind and chose to buy a Dell laptop. I got my Dell Inspiron 1440 last Sunday November 30. I preferred a colour black laptop because it looks formal and corporate. Aside from a laptop, I also got some good freebies like the Smart Broadband, Optical Mouse and a Laptop Bag, not bad at all. What made me decide to choose Dell? I did research and read some reviews about it and I found out that Dell is way better than Compaq. I bought it in Accent Micro in Park Square Makati and they are the authorized service centre for Dell laptops. So far so good, I love my new Dell laptop and I’m satisfied. These are the specs:

Dell Inspiron 14 (Alba)

Intel Core Duo T4200
2GB Memory
320GB Hard Drive
14.1″ WXGA Display
8x DVDRW Drive
10/100 Ethernet LAN
Dell 802.11 b/g Wireless LAN
Vista Home Basic
6-Cell Battery

3 Responses to “At Last! My New Laptop”

  1. Peggy Amado Says:

    I will give a brief intro. I am a gamer and a heavy application user. I did not expect that the processor in this PC would keep up with these things. I have a high end desktop at home and at work. I can access both of these via remote desktop. I purchased this PC with these things in mind.
    I wanted to have a notebook that I could check and respond to email on the go. I want to be able to install simple programs and have them work flawlessly. I wanted to be able to take everything everywhere without being weighed down by a full sized laptop. I got exactly what I was looking for.
    There was no junk pre-installed. I mean nothing. Everything that was installed was very usable. I was even impressed with windows hotmail live. I had never tried it, and am really impressed. I installed my simple picture viewer and VPN client. Everything I have installed has worked flawlessly.
    The battery life is very impressive. I have only had it for a month, so it is possible that it will fall off. I use it all day, on and off, at meetings. All conference rooms are set up with wi-fi, and I never have a hard time connecting. My wife’s high end Dell running Vista constantly has problems. I think it is all Vista related.
    The webcam and on-screen mic are great. I have found many uses for them. I have heard that the cam is only .3mp. If this is the case, I am very impressed. I have used Yahoo web chat and had great results. The mic is also clear and useable. Skpe users pay attention. The program is preloaded!
    The screen resolution is very good. I wouldn’t want to spend every minute of my day using it, but it is great for on the go. I don’t have any issues seeing what is displayed, but I would certainly prefer a 22″ screen.
    Speaking of on the go, I have carried planners that were larger and heavier than this. This thing is ultra portable. I take it every where. I slap myself every time I don’t bring it with me. I always realize that I would have a perfect use for it. I never play games on it. I have never even tried.
    The touch screen is really great. I have no idea what company Elantech is, but their touch pad software is way better than any other I have tried. The two finger touch for scrolling is much superior to the “side scroll.” I have tested several laptops and it is much more intuitive. I would note this as an edge. I don’t know what the competitors use (Acer and Dell) but it would be worth checking.
    160g Hard Drive. This is more than what I needed. The solid state options were so much higher in price. I will just back up anything that is worth keeping on one of my PCs. I also bought a 8g SD memory card for transferring of files easily.

    The keyboard sucks. I mean really sucks. I am not a good typist at all, and it is enhanced considerably with this PC. It is so small. If you are more concerned about usability, go with the larger screen / keyboard. I do not write books. If a lengthy email response is needed, I wait to return to my PC. I have no trouble typing out a few sentences in an email though, but it takes longer. If this is a deal breaker for you, go with a full size laptop.
    Continuing on with the keyboard, the space bar is impeded by the bar next to the touchpad. It took me day’s to get used to working around it. Again, I am not the best typist to begin with.
    There is only one function key. I would like a PC this small to be usable with one hand. I am all about short cuts, but function – page down is a stretch. It is much easier to use both hands, lowering it’s functionality.
    Touch pad is touchy. It sometimes registers a “click” when you go to touch it to move it. I haven’t found a way to reduce the sensitivity.
    Speakers are seriously lacking. I read beforehand that the speakers are not the best. They were right. This can be overcome with a pair of headphones.
    Last but not least, I immediately upgraded RAM to 2g. It seems silly not to offer this up front. I spent $23 to get 2g of RAM for this as soon as I ordered it. I don’t know if it enhances performance or not comparatively. I just maxed it out right away to avoid problems.

    To finish, I have gave lots of cons to owning this, but this is only to make the buyer beware. This is not for everyone. I wouldn’t suggest it for the only PC you have, unless you are really going for the cheapest solution.
    By purchasing this, I have made a minimum of 6 sales for ASUS. Almost every one that see’s it is impressed. When I explain its limitations, they point out the price. I know three people have already ordered them (some of them the 10″ screen version). For what you get, this is a most impressive buy for the money. I am so happy with my purchase through Amazon for this ultra portable PC.

  2. chlee Says:

    I bought my Dell Inspiron 14 also last 2 months ago, here in accent micro Cebu, but I received no Freebie. I even asked if they have any free item, or just the smart bro or globe, but still none. Good for you, at least you received freebies from them, while me I still need to purchase those. Whew!

    • anonymous Says:

      because we demand the freebies hahaha, no maybe because i’m the first customer that’s why they give me the bag, optical mouse and smartbro

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