Amazing Boyz II Men Concert

July 22, 2009

Boyz II Men

Boyz II Men

Last night, July 21, we just watched Boyz II Men Concert and it was one of the amazing concerts I saw. At first I feel disappointed when I saw the setup of the stage, because it looks very simple and all black. But when Boyz II Men sang their hit songs and when they started to dance, the stage became alive and you wouldn’t notice the simplicity of it. That night I’m with my two friends and obviously we’re an avid fan of this group. Before the Boyz II Men came out, there’s a band that did the front act for the show. They were also great and they sang also some R&B songs which the crowd can relate so the people can’t get enough to sing along. What amazed me of this band was the fact that all of them can sing, from the vocalist of course, the guitarist, the pianist and the drummer they were so good.

Now, it’s time for the main show, the crowd was unstoppable on screaming and clapping. The loud screaming continuous when Boyz II Men came out. The theme of the concert was songs from their Motown album and all the hit songs that became popularly known. From the songs that make you groove and all the beautiful love songs which became the theme songs of our life, they performed all of this that night. Even though they were only three in the group, they still sound complete. The blending, the dancing while singing, a great performance, very amazing, they pulled it off. The people love to sing along and they we’re unstoppable including us especially when they performed our favorite songs. The songs we like were Bended Knees, 4 Seasons of Loneliness, Color of Love, Water Runs Dry, Song for Mama, End of the Road and many more.

Two decades of great music, they were turning 20 years this coming November. They announced that they’re working on a new album. I love them because I grew up listening to their music, so I consider myself as a Boyz II Men baby. They were thankful to all the people who came to their concert and for the continuous support of the Filipinos in their music. It’s good to hear that they’re making music again and for me they are the only one R&B Group. Hope to see them again perform here in the Philippines.

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