A Visit to “Barangay LSFM 97.1”

July 18, 2009

Barangay LSFM 97.1 DJs

Barangay LSFM 97.1 DJs

Yesterday, July 17, Friday, we went to LSFM 97.1, a local radio station here in the Philippines. We’re an avid fan of their radio shows like “Talk to Papa” and “Wanted Sweetheart”. We also want to see our favorite DJs in person, we’re curious on how they look behind these beautiful voices. Even though it’s raining very hard, me together with my 2 workmates didn’t hesitate to go.

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10 Responses to “A Visit to “Barangay LSFM 97.1””

  1. Am listening to this radio program you call wanted sweet heart this evening 072409. I think the DJ you call Papa Dan is a bit to hard on the callers to think that these callers are part of the fan base that keeps his show airing. As much as it is “number one” as claimed by your station, I feel sad that you harbor DJ’s like this that goes out of his way just to be mean.
    Was listening to his program and felt disgusted that he calls his listeners “sinungaling” and uses “Full Tank” which is a derogatory term of which is obvious a bad word.
    As much as there are limitations and round abouts in the regulation of airing words like this, i hope you would make an effort to at least correct actions or verbal abuse like this.
    Yes, the show’s objective is admirable… however the DJ that covers this segment is definitely less than admirable. Hope you can control this way ward big headed DJ…
    PS… yes there is a vocational course in Don Bosco Makati… and Yes it is also called Don Bosco Technical Institute… Don Bosco College is located in Mandaluyong

    • anonymous Says:

      I wasn’t able to catch that show but i think it depends on the callers, maybe the DJ already knew that he/she was lying but the caller continue to not admitting it. Full tank is an expression that you can use in anyway, it’s not as bad as what you think.

      About airing of words, I think there’s a regulatory boards that monitor these radio programs so it’s up to them if there’s a verbal abuse on the callers. But thanks for the concern I know that your only protecting the listeners.

  2. rey Says:

    first when i hear, the conversation in radio in wanted sweet heart, i was curious, if its true or not, but when every night i stay tune in your station, i really believe that you (papa dan) help many guy and lady to become a serious in facing to reality that love is a precious,understanding loving each other and to be experienced that love is give and take. no wonder if its good or bad. more power to your station. mabuhay……..

  3. shine Says:

    papa dan kelan ba nag umpisa ang wanted sweet heart kindly reply early para sa research p[aper ko po yan tnx labxu

  4. shine Says:

    papa dan paki answer na lng question ko on air every naman ako’ng nakikinig wehhh tnx

    • anonymous Says:

      hi shine, this is not papa dan’s page, this is my personal blog i just shared here my experience when we visited in LS, you can leave a message to his facebook or you can go to their station to meet him.

  5. jon Says:

    how could i send messages to papa dan?please reply.tnx.

    • anonymous Says:

      hello jon, there’s so many ways to get in touch with him, add him on facebook, text him in 4627 he always announce it on his radio show on how to text him (FANATXT) or just drop by to their station so that you can meet him personally.

  6. lavefemseecy Says:

    wla daw po twitter, fb, and fs c papa dan..according to him.ung mga nkkta dw po ntin.hndi dw po xa un.. so the only way to communicate ‘papa dan’ is to visit him personally s brangay LS and txt him sa FANATXT.just txt PAPADAN ON to 4627 for reg. and PAPADAN (message) to 4627 kpag may gsto po mgreply s txt nya. ü

  7. me Says:

    papa dan does not have facebook acct

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