Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, dating?

June 5, 2009

rob and kristen

rob and kristen

Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, dating?

After the MTV Movie Awards, the Twilight stars Rob and Kristen headed to Cecconi’s restaurant to eat. The pair had been seen holding hands and you can say that they were off-screen sweethearts.

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10 Responses to “Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, dating?”

  1. esta vien guapo y bela no digo k esta guapa por k soy mujer
    jajajajajja pero edwad esta de lo mejor te kiero
    mucho robert y kristen

  2. ive heard so many different comments about these two and frankly i love them together they are just so cute. and i am a huge robert pattinson fan and if hes happy with her thats great and i love kristen too shes really cool. ive also heard alot about them not being together as well. theyve been seen together, apart, and with other people and in the end id luv to find out that they are officially going out and that they dont see them being apart anytime soon but ive also seen things all over the place that dont support that chance. so basically whould i like to see them be going out together for sure…yea! they’re so cute and if they in the end arent really together and they’re sort of going their separate ways then ok whatevr its ok as long as they are happy so if they dnt end up together all i can hope for is robert and kristen are happy and that it wont affect the upcoming new twilight saga movies
    -luv u guys!
    -from yr #1 fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • anonymous Says:

      You’re such a fan. Being a fan we only want what’s best for our idols and accept the things that make them happy.

  3. victoria chard Says:

    i think edward/robert is SOOOOOO DAMN…..HOT!! is it possible to get his adress?? lol. but seriously.

    i love them together they are cute. but i am insanely jealous. if you think your a fan??? you cant beat me. however i dont consider myself a fan. i consider myself more of a person who just wants to meet him. i dont want to be the crazy, obsessed fan who will do anything to see him. i just think he is so hot, and i think it would be interesting to know him and find out what he is like. 😛
    xxx love ya rob

    • anonymous Says:

      his address??? i don’t think so! i’m not a robert pattinson fan, i’m an edward cullen fan in the book.

  4. asdfghj Says:

    i dont mind if edward cullen and isabella swan are together. They are like the perfect movie cupple, but robert pattinson and kristen stewart cant even hang out kristen have edward in the movie, and Rob is too much for her.
    I LOVE R O B E R T P A T T I N S O N ! ! ! ! ! ! !
    he s just PERFECT…

  5. asdfghj Says:

    hahaha OF COURSE!!

  6. GABY Says:

    maldita kristen q embidia.
    t amo robert eres el mas guapo.mmm…

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