Something about Thyroid Problem

May 29, 2009

There’s a possibility of having a thyroid disorder if our food that we eat are lack of iodine, stress, defects on genes, infection or side effects of medicine we take. The symptoms of this are goiter or the enlargement of thyroid. The whole glands will enlarge and will have lumps. Although it is not dangerous, we need to consult a doctor to avoid symptoms that will lead to cancer.

The disordered thyroid produces more or less hormones. It is called Hyperthyroidism when the thyroid produces more hormones and Hypothyroidism when it produces fewer hormones. Sometimes we don’t know if we already have this illness, so we need to consult a doctor.


Hyperthyroidism: losing weight, fast heartbeat, irregular menstruation, moody, swelling of eyes, difficulty in sleeping, thin strands of hair.

Hypothyroidism: overweight, falling hair, easy to get chill, irregular menstruation, frequently sad, having a low voice, forgetful and getting tired easily.


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