My Typical Day…

May 28, 2009

What’s your daily routine? What’s your typical day?

I just want to share my regular routine for the day. I will rise to bed at around 4:30am. After that, I will go to the bathroom to bath. No breakfast at all. When I’m done bathing, it is time for tooth brushing. When it is finish, I will fix myself and wear my office attire. My mother always prepares it for me and I appreciate it very much. At exactly 5:00 am, I will leave our house on the way to the office. I will travel for almost 45 minutes going to work. When I’m already at the office, I will open the computer, get the documents and work silently. To avoid being sleepy, I will turn on my mp3 player and listen to my favorite radio program that starts at exactly 6am. Our first break time is 8:00am which is good for breakfast, but I’d rather eat crackers at my working area and do some internet thing than going to the pantry. When break time was done, back to work again. Same thing I do, working silently and listen to the music which I downloaded. Next break is lunch time; this is my favorite part when I’m at office. We fall in line to get our orders. When it is done, back to work again and wait until 2 because it’s going home time.

Together with my workmates, we just walk on the street beginning at the office until we reach all the malls and then the passenger’s area. One hour is my travel time going home because of traffic. When I’m at home, I will change my clothes and fix myself. Eat snacks, bread and juice will be ok for me. Then, it’s time for internet browsing, updating all my accounts and thinking of a good topic to blog. I allocate my time left for the day just for online stuff. Then I will eat dinner at around 7 or 8 pm. After that, I will go back to my computer and browse again. When the clock strikes at 10pm, I need to sleep for another morning work for tomorrow. Then I will do it again for another day. This is my daily routine if my schedule is 6am-2pm but all of this will change if my schedule will be 2pm-10pm. This is my typical day!

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