For almost 4 months of experiencing a humid and hot climate caused by El Nino finally it comes to an end. This past few days it’s always raining and they said that it’s the start of La Nina. That’s good to the people who’s complaining for the hot weather because it will bring cold temperature when it rains. But when the rain comes consecutively and become a typhoon, some places will be flooded and it’s hard to do the things that you want to do when it’s raining. Another thing is that, June will be the start of classes and students will be having a hard time going to school when it rains. If the very hot weather brings illness to the people, there are also some sickness brought by the rainy season. There are colds, flu, cough etc., so that means any time of the day, any climate change we must be prepare and make sure that we’re protected by taking some vitamins. I can finally say that rainy season is here.

Cute Penguins

May 23, 2010

Did you know that I haven’t seen a real penguin? I’m a big fan of Batman series and when his villain Penguin was on the scene he’s always accompanied by bunch of penguins. Although they’re bad on the movie I always find them cute and adorable. Sometimes I just think that I want to have a penguin pet but it’s impossible because it’s tropical here and we all know that penguins live in a cold temperature place. A penguin foams past the biology. How I wish I can see one and able to touch them.

“I wanna be a billionaire so freaking bad, buy all of the things I never had”

Sounds familiar right? It was from the song “Billionaire” by Travis Macoy. Everytime I hear this song, I just realized that YES! I want to be a billionaire, who in this world don’t want to be on that position. Of course all of us want to have lots of money and able to buy the things we want. Sometimes I just sit down and think why I wasn’t born rich like the other kids. They can buy all the stuff they want and go wherever they want to go. They don’t need to work hard to earn money, but the people like me are working hard just to make a living and if there’s an extra that’s the only time I can buy the things I want. Do you think life is so unfair?

They said that there’s a good and bad side if you’re born rich. The good side is you can buy all the things you want. The bad side is you’re being too dependent. Honestly working hard to earn money feels good. It was your reward for being a hardworker and it was amazing if you spent your money with your own sweat and tears than asking for your parents. But in case that i’ll become a billionaire i’d rather spent this money to help charities and help the people who are in need. Money is just a material thing and you can’t bring them when the time come that you’ll be leaving this world.

Yes it’s confirmed! The two famous R&B singers will be having a concert in the Philippines. Chris Brown for the second time around will hit the Philippines concert stage on July 31, 2010 at Mall of Asia Concert Grounds, his first concert was with Rihanna but now he will be performing solo and will prove that even though there’s a lot of controversies going on with his life he still manage to release amazing and chart topper songs. Usher’s concert will be on July 9, 2010 at Mall of Asia concert grounds also. One of the great performers and treasured artist in the music scene.

Two artists that i’m longing to watch for. Concerts that the Filipino fans will be waiting for. I’m sure this will be awesome, knowing that these two artists can do the singing and dancing with their hit songs. Fans, start memorizing their songs and groove to their music, start to save money to have a good seat and witness how great this people in their craft. Mark your calendars now and watch the concerts on July 9 – Usher and July 31 – Chris Brown at Mall of Asia. See you there!

Happy Mother’s Day

May 8, 2010

When was the last time you said I love you to your mom? The last time you handed her a gift? Do you still remember the last bonding moment with your mother? If you answered no to all of this questions, maybe this will be the right time to do this. We celebrate the Mother’s Day every year, a special day to give honor to our hero, our mother. We salute all the mothers in the world because of their hardworks, sacrifices and unconditional love for their family.  

Find out who’s international artists will be having a concert here in the Philippines this coming May. Some of the biggest names in the music industry worldwide. They are hitmakers and very popular in their unique styles and music. To know more about the details:

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First: Cobra Starship Live at Ayala Malls

We went to Cobra Starship show in Ayala Town Center last March 27.  The show was really great and the people were so hyped and they’re dancing the whole time. Gabe Saporta, the band’s vocalist was so charming even though his dancing was off sometimes. I laid my eyes on Vicky, who’s playing a keytar because she’s really pretty. The other band members are Ryland, Nate and Alex. They threw some guitar picks and my friend got one. I’m so lucky that night because I had a chance to meet and greet the band. They’re so nice and friendly; I asked a hug from all of them. Aside from the meet and greet there’s also a cd signing so we decided to buy a cd at the booth. For the second time around I was able to handshakes all of them and my cd was signed. My favourite songs were Good girls go bad, Guilty Pleasure and Hot Mess.

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Second: Changing Lives Concert (Timbaland featuring Jojo and Justin Timberlake)

The concert held also the same date March 27 at SM Concert Grounds so after the show of Cobra Starship at Ayala Town Center we went to SM Mall of Asia right away. In able to be there we need to take one and a half hour trip, which means we’ll not be able to watch the concert from the beginning so we decided to watch it outside. But when we arrived, the concert was just starting; Jojo and Justin Timberlake haven’t performed yet. It was delayed because of the Earth hour event which happened also in Mall of Asia. We bought a ticket and went to bronze section. That time Timbaland was performing and the crowd were dancing and singing. When it was Jojo’s turn, I’m really expecting that she’s singing 5 or more songs but I’m disappointed that she only sang 2 songs, “A Little Too Late” and a duet together with Timbaland which I’m not familiar to the song. To be honest, that concert was all about Justin Timberlake and some people just watched it because of him. And JT didn’t disappoint his fans, he performed all of his hits and he’s really a great performer. While singing his popular “Sexy Back” there’s also a fireworks display and people just continued screaming and dancing. The concert was really successful and really awesome.

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